Infant Program

Infants (6 weeks - 1 year)

The experiences an infant encounters during the early years of life are crucial for healthy brain development. Our infant program offers a warm, nurturing, creative environment that helps infants develop their bodies and minds. Infants have their own schedule for playing, eating and sleeping so our teachers will create individual activity plans to cater to each infant's schedule. The activity plans help your baby make sense of their world by exploring an environment filled with rich sensory activities including different sights, sounds, and textures. Your baby will discover and develop their growing bodies in a room that is dedicated and designed specifically for infants. Our infant room provides soft, safe places for your baby to rollover, pull themselves up, crawl and to take their first steps.

Lower Ratios

State of Oregon requirements allow for a 1-to-4 caregiver to infant ratio. Infants require one-on-one time throughout the day at varying times. They tend to follow their own schedule which can present challenges when there are four babies and only one caregiver. That's why we have a lower ratio than the State of Oregon requirements. Through our experience we've learned that a lower ratio means happier babies and reduced stress.

Your Baby’s Day at Little Feet Child Care

Infants are presented with activities that boost brain development, encourage first words and build strong bodies. Each infant is typically on a different schedule so the timing of their needs tend to vary throughout the day. With our low infant-to-caregiver ratio we’re able to ensure your baby is getting the one-on-one attention they need to feel secure and pampered. Our teachers specialize in caring for young babies and have the necessary training and experience to strike a balance between sensory stimulation and quiet time.

Safe, Quiet and Consistent

Our environment is designed so infants have a dedicated room to provide them with a safe place to enjoy “tummy time” and other activities without other small walking feet nearby. These activities are designed to improve your baby’s mobility and strengthen their muscles to prepare them for crawling and walking. Other activities such as playing with objects of varying size and textures help expose your baby to different tactile experiences. When your baby is ready for naptime our dedicated infant room provides a quiet environment so they can get the sound sleep their little bodies require to grow.

All of our equipment is audited regularly to ensure any recalls from manufacturers are taken care of and replacement equipment purchased.


Communication with parents is vitally important. We have open communication with parents throughout the day so parents know about their baby's day. To make sure the care we provide is just right for you and your baby, a personal care plan includes a schedule, nutritional guidelines and any other requirements for regular phone calls, conferences and e-mails.



Our professionally prepared curriculum is based on the philosophy that young children learn best through hands-on experiences. Each day is filled with fun activities that excite and develop toddlers.

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