Introduction to Child Care

Introduction to Child Care

Location, quality of care and value are all important factors in your decision when choosing care for your child. You’ll want to place your child with a child care that first cares for your child like you would. Little Feet Child Care, LLC has more than 10 years of experience caring for and educating children. We know that child care safety and security is as important as academics and activities.

What To Expect

When your child starts at day care there's a natural tendency for you and your child to feel anxiety. At Little Feet Child Care we understand how you feel and we’re here to answer any questions. The child care provider you choose should be a partner who works with you and your child to communicate, educate and nurture your entire family’s needs.

To make it easier on you and your child we recommend setting up shorter "play dates" in the beginning to help introduce your child to the environment and the concept of day care. These play dates can be as long or as short as you need them to be. This option is available to any new parents as needed. Just let us know that you'd like to give this a try and we'll work with you and your child to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Preparing Your Child

It is a good idea to visit us during business hours with your child so they can start becoming familiar with the environment and meet their new friends. We can walk you through a typical day so you can discuss it with your child during the days leading up to their first day. Kids tend to be more comfortable with change when they know what to expect. If your child is old enough let them help pack their own backpack. Add a few toys from home so they have something familiar to play with. Some kids even like to bring a little album filled with pictures of their family members.

Drop Off

Every child copes with the drop off in the morning differently. Some children are so excited to play with new friends and toys that they run in and barely say goodbye. While others need to be coaxed into leaving their parent's side. It just depends on your child's personality and previous exposure to changes in their environment. It is perfectly normal for your child to be reluctant and apprehensive on their first day. But we do everything we can to make this easier for you and your child.

We handle tough drop offs in one of two ways:

  • Have the parent come in and stay for a few minutes if they have time. Sometimes this helps the child ease into the environment and the transition is smooth
  • Drop off, give them a kiss goodbye and GO! We've found that an overwhelming number of our children cope with this method easier than a prolonged separation

If you're concerned about the way your child is coping with separation feel free to give us a call shortly after dropping off and we'll keep you updated. In about 90% of the children as soon as the door closes (or very shortly thereafter) they stop crying.

Picking Up

It is common for children to cry more at pick up than drop off. Especially after they've been attending our program regularly. We recommend talking to your child about who misses them at home or what fun things you have planned for the evening when you leave. This will help lure them away and make the transition a little easier for them to deal with.

Compare Child Care

Comparing Child Care

There are different types of child care in the State of Oregon. We'll walk you through the differences and provide you with links to resources provided by the State of Oregon Child Care Division.

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