Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Little Feet Child Care, LLC provides educational child care. Our age appropriate programs are tailored specifically for children based on their skill levels and curiosity. The activities are designed to instill confidence and sense of accomplishment while also stimulating their appetite to learn and grow.

A Consistent Environment

Unlike traditional commercial day care, our environment ensures consistency throughout your child's day. Your child will not be shuffled between classrooms as teachers come and go.

Learning Provided By College Educated Teachers

Our teachers have college degrees in Early Childhood Education and are highly trained. They attend a minimum of 50 hours of training each year to ensure our teaching methods are up-to-date with the latest technology and techniques.

Early Literacy

Early literacy is one of the areas we focus on while your child is in our care. We believe that early literacy is an important goal for parents to have for their children. According to the National Association for the Education of Young Children early literacy is increasingly important:

1 Although the United States enjoys the highest literacy rate in its history, society now expects virtually everyone in the population to function beyond the minimum standards of literacy. Today the definition of basic proficiency in literacy calls for a fairly high standard of reading comprehension and analysis. The main reason is that literacy requirements of most jobs have increased significantly and are expected to increase further in the future.
Our Programs

Our Programs

Our programs utilize the latest techniques available to early childhood educators.

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