Toddler Program

Toddlers (2 years - 3 years)

Unlike most other daycare facilities all of our teachers have college degrees in early childhood education. They have the training and education necessary to understand what it takes to guide and teach young children. Our toddler program focuses on your child's early brain development. According to the World Health Organization early childhood is the most important phase for overall development throughout the lifespan:

1 Early childhood is the most intensive period of brain development during the lifespan. Adequate stimulation and nutrition are essential for development during the first three years of life. It is during these years that a child's brain is most sensitive to the influences of the external environment. Rapid brain development affects cognitive, social and emotional growth. Such development helps to ensure that each child reaches his or her potential and is a productive part of a rapidly changing, global society. The more stimulating the early environment, the more a child develops and learns. Language and cognitive development are especially important during the first six months to three years of life. When children spend their early years in a less stimulating, or less emotionally and physically supportive environment, brain development is affected and leads to cognitive, social and behavioral delays. Later in life, these children will have difficulty dealing with complex situations and environments. High levels of adversity and stress during early childhood can increase the risk of stress-related disease and learning problems well into the adult years.

Your Toddler’s Day at Little Feet Child Care

Our professionally prepared toddler curriculum enables your child's confidence to grow. From first steps to first words, your toddler will begin to experience the world in new ways. Group activities provide your toddler with a sense of identity. We provide child-directed activities such as art, sensory time and group games by Child Care Soup.

Field Trips

We regularly take field trips to different places in the Portland area. These events not only help expose your toddler to different experiences but they also allow us to involve the parents. Field trips are a great opportunity to bring the Little Feet Child Care family together for a fun and educational event. We typically have field trips on weekends because we've found that it is easier for parents to participate. Parent participation is very important to us.

Quality Food

When your toddler attends Little Feet Child Care they will be served meals that are prepared from scratch. One of the many advantages of in-home child care is our lower ratios. We're able to spend the time necessary to cook your child wholesome, nutritious meals. When comparing child care facilities be sure to look at their menus and take a tour of their kitchen. Your child's nutrition is critically important to their ability to learn and stay focused throughout the day.



Our program provides activities to help preschool children become problem solvers and lifelong learners. Through independent exploration, structured activities, and hands-on learning, preschool children will work on early literacy, math, science, and social studies concepts.

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